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My Life From Now

cuz " til now" is so yesterday

Wow, this is harder than I'd imagined .... I'm a mom, a wife, a daughter, and .... me. The "me" that has remained constant before and after marriage and motherhood LOVES exploring the constantly-expanding boundaries of my life; ACCEPTS that I don't get enough sleep and eat too much sugar and drink too much Diet Coke and take too many pills.

I will neverever stop driving 100 miles (or catching a cheap flight) to hear really good live music; never stop having inappropriate crushes on beautiful boys and girls; never start dressing like a proper grown-up soccer mom; never quit demanding a certain number of hours a day/week/month to spend just being ME (even if I just ignore the laundry and read a great book all day.) That's what I built my own private library for, right? Dayum swreet!

My family and a few dear friends are 99% of my life, and I wouldn't have it any other way. But in my memories and dreams lives the "alterna-Marla" who is still proudly calling herself an equal-opportunity groupie, crashing in a mod/pop loft in the middle of one of my favorite cities, wearing black miniskirts, big hair and f**k-me heels, driving an RX-7, working to live and falling in love every two weeks. I don't want to go back there - OMG, the DRAMA! - but the memories are HAWT!!!

I lived it, I loved it, and I've promised myself to never again forget it. Because all the fire and passion I felt for life "back then" almost died out completely; coming so close to becoming the cold and lifeless "mom/wife" I thought I was SUPPOSED to be scared the SHIT out of me!

Accepting myself completely and rejecting years of judgement means the most thrilling years of my life lie ahead. I firmly believe it is possible to be a good mother, an incredible sexual mate and a fascinating woman - all at the same time. It had BETTER be possible, because I refuse to accept any other option.

BTW, any other (gracefully aging) groupies out there that really lived it up in the late 80s/early 90s?? If so, we need to talk! Ah, sometimes I think, "those were the days." The I see my youngest curled up asleep against his daddy, looking so angelic, and I know that PERSONALLY I'm right where I belong. Professionally? I guess someday I'll figure out if I'm meant to be more than a mom and homemaker.
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