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January 2013

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truly love music

Hey, at least I'm not a creepy Taylor Lautner-obsessed chick!

(Y'know, since he's underage and I'm .... REALLY not.)

Nope, staying true to my well-deserved rep - according to my longtime musician-loving friends - I still go for the slightly less obvious "objects of obsession."  It's not the indie thing ... I've jumped on plenty of pop bandwagons in my day. 

But there's something about a young musician blessed with that perfect trifecta of talent that gets me every single time: 

*  amazing writing skills;

*  skillfully plays multiple instruments; and,

*  sings like a raspy-voiced angel that at 15/16 was already WAY sexier than any
   over-produced teenybopper in high rotation.

(OK!  So he's gorgeous in an unconventional way - my favorite kind. : P  )

Circling awkwardly back to initial mention of TayTay, I have to point out that - while still very young - Teddy Geiger is currently 21 (thank GOD), and was at least 18 or 19 in this lil gem of a video. 

Do yourself a favor and check out his original music; he's got a ton of new music all over YouTube 

(While far from "new," this song/vid may sound familiar but actually shows him playing instruments, since the embed below doesn't, I just realized.)  www.youtube.com/watch  

I can't imagine why he's not huge by now ... other than the unfortunate timing of his arrival in on the music scene semi- overlapping with the Disneyfication and marketing that has ruined pop radio for me.

I'd love to hear what you guys think, since I KNOW my flist is populated with some true music lovers.  (Face it:  Drake Bell isn't the most obvious crush-worthy musician to everyone on earth, but he is to quite a few of us!)

P.S.  He didn't exactly suck in "The Rocker," either - tho I'm a little too proud of myself for knowing about Teddy's music BEFORE 2008. ;)
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You are so welcome! There may be two Drake Bell channels on YouTube: one for acting, one for music - not sure. But there are at least 5-6 great songs he's got ready for an album ... someday!

(Promise me you'll look at a Teddy Geiger vid while you're there: a performance of "Gentlemen," or "Air Dry," or "Try Too Hard." I promise you'll enjoy them!)

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