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January 2013

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cowgirl up

Counting my many blessings

Tornadoes in southern Oklahoma last night; most terrifying experience of my life.

Husband and two boys, completely fine.

House, not so much.  Yep, the dream house I spent four years building, designing cabinetry, overseeing elaborate custom electronics setup, having furniture built, etc. 

STUFF:  lots of it is fine, ready to be packed and trundled to a storage unit for the time being.  But I don't know how long it will be before I can start rebuilding, where we're going to live in the foreseeable future, etc.  Yet, I feel like this should all be so much more overwhelming than it is .... delayed reaction, I suppose?

So many more pp, so much worse off - even reports of casualties in Lone Grove, the small town over from us.  It's possible I'm just fully aware that we have plenty of insurance, are able to afford interim housing, and most importantly WE ARE SAFE.

It may be a long road ahead, and this is sort of a heads-up that you all, my dear flist, will be a treasured outlet for the inevitable whining that will go on.  Feel free to call me on it, and remind me that we got through this and everything else is just STUFF.


My thoughts are with you, oh, that is so terrible :(
My prayers are with you. I am so glad to hear that your family came through it safely.
*hugs* Very glad to know that you and your family are safe.
OH, THANK GOD you and your family are safe and uninjured! I am SO SORRY to hear that your lovely home was damaged. You must be really shook-up after an experience like this. Hope you are coping okay; I hold you closely in my thoughts.

When my dad was in the service we lived in a trailer park briefly and a twister came through - three neighbors away from us got picked up, their awning wrapped around, and dropped back to the ground 50 yards away. I was a small child at the time and can only remember the constant roaring of the wind & everyone being afraid.

Glad you could salvage some of your belongings and that you will have insurance help with rebuilding. Your delayed reaction? Sounds like SHOCK and post-traumatic stress disorder! As your LJ friend (one of many!) it would be my pleasure & privilege to serve as a "treasured outlet" in the days ahead -- and it's not whining, it's dealing with life. We're here to help each other hold it together and witness. I am so sorry this disaster came your way, but, again, relieved that you've got the most important people right there with you, your husband & children. As impossible as it seems at this moment, without meaning to be trite, good will somehow come of this. *hugs & blessings without number to you & yours*
I'm so glad you and your family is okay. I know it must be really hard to have deal with something like this, and I hope you can come through all right.

I'm sorry to hear about your house, sweetheart, but I am so glad that you & your family are all safe. February tornados are not unheard of, but they are weird, and definitely one(s) like there was yesterday. If there's anything that we can do, just ask.
Oh no! I'm so sorry! See, that's why I don't understand people who criticise people who live in hurricane zones. (Cause you know, it makes sense to move EVERYONE along the entire gulf coast line or whatever...ppl on the internet can be stupid. Anyway, off track...)

At least we can evacuate. But with tornadoes (which happen here occasionally, but not like they do in OK) or earthquakes they just happen all of a sudden. I glad your insurance policy will take care of things.

And I'm glad your family is safe!