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January 2013

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It's a New Year and I'm shite at making resolutions

Gacked from the lovely jannika, who always has the BEST ideas, not to mention slash fics - love ya, babe!  (And not to brag, but I put a little extra thought and effort into my recs for her!)

So, beloved flist:  fill this out for me, then repost in your journal so all your friends can turn you on to new and fun experiences in 2009!   (See my recs for jannika in comments)

New Year's Recommendation Meme:

Recommend a...

Book I Should Read:

Movie I Should See:

Band/CD I Should Listen To:

TV Show I Should Watch:

Website I Should Visit:

LJ User I Should Friend:

LJ Comm I Should Join:



Just to get the ball rolling, here's the list of recommendations I left for jannika -
at least ONE of which I hope floats her boat!


Recommend a...

Book I Should Read: "Queen of the Oddballs" by Hilary Carlip

Movie I Should See: "Night of the Comet", only the greatest bad movie ever made!!!

Band/CD I Should Listen To: Something tells me you're gonna say, "but duh! I'm totally into them already!" But, I'm gonna give it a shot: Ludo's only album, "Everything You Want" by Vertical Horizon, "One Moment More" by Mindy Smith, and (of course) a fave soundtrack - "Grace of My Heart". ALSO a badass movie you should totally see!

TV Show I Should Watch: Since I survive on DVD sets of tv shows no longer with us, I'd go with the complete four seasons of "The O.C." C'mon, the pretty is worth it, if nothing else! Actually, my daily viewing consists of "Will & Grace" and "HIMYM" on DVD. TV sucks ass these days, other than Nick and Disney, natch!

Website I Should Visit: http://www.blackphoenixalchemylab.com
The only obsession in my life that rivals the HoYay! of D&J.

LJ User I Should Friend: http://wildannuette.livejournal.com/profile
This chick can write some wicked slash, yo!

LJ Comm I Should Join: http://community.livejournal.com/jossversefic/profile
Cuz Joss rules much like Schneider does! Plus, there is some hawt slash/rpf that comes from the Firefly and Buffy fandoms. It's all good!

Hope you find something you like! Happy New Year!