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January 2013

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I blame the Soap Network

At some point today, I decided watching the rest of The O.C. - after I bailed during the second season - is the perfect tv background for wrapping Christmas gifts.

I'm finishing the craptacular 3rd Season right now, and am fully stoked for Marissa's death.  Yeah, also fully feeling the holiday mood as well, apparently.  I've heard the 4th Season is much better, right?

Perhaps there will be a fantabulous holiday episode in the fourth season DVDs .... that would help, right?  So, yeah.  I'm all about the traditional Christmas Eve.

At least I'm wrapping presents.


Season four is the only season of The O.C. I could actually stand watching, so I thought it was pretty good. And The Chrismukk-huh? was pretty charming as far as Christmas episodes go. I hope you enjoy it.
God damn it. I just came here to see why you never post and realized that you have fallen off one of my reading filters. Crappity hell! So yeah, hi, I haven't been totally ignoring you on purpose :) gaargghh lj!
Now, let's be fair here: I don't actually post very often! When I do, it tends to be a rant of some sort, or a cynical take on my view of life at that particular moment, so it's not like you've missed a shitload of pithy writing!

Although, I am a bad-assed comment-leaver, which I hope both makes up for my laziness in posting AND earns me the title of "Most Popular" around these LJ parts.

Yep, I'm a comment slut; isn't being somewhat slutty the #1 requirement for a gal to win "Most Popular"? *grumble* Well, it was in MY high school. Best I remember. Cuz it was 100 years ago. ;)

ETA: I'd like to point out that the official Christmas season ended 4 minutes ago, CST, so I'm all about 2009, baby!
Benjamin Mackenzie was made of hot - whatever happened to him?! You will enjoy the 4th season.

Have a happy & a merry and remember wrapping presents is therapeutic. *grins*