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January 2013

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Good Omens doomsday

To any and all higher beings out there, I beg of you:

Don't make me listen to an illiterate try to discuss this country one second longer.  PLEASE!  I've done it for eight long years, completely against my will, and I do not have the stamina to do it for four more.  If Palin becomes VP, I will be forced to send her a dictionary and a grammar guide as inauguration gifts.

If I had been playing a drinking game based on her mispronunciation of "nuclear" alone, I would be on the fucking floor.


I share your sentiment! At some point, though not playing a drinking game, I ended up talking back to the TV. A friend was referring to her as "Caribou Barbie" ... It's fitting.
LMAO! for real, right?! and your icon = too perfect XD
Thanks - it's my favorite icon right now, and I'm not sure if that's a good or a bad thing? I literally sat and watched the debate w/my mouth hanging open. It's enough to make you wonder if some conspiracy behind the scenes managed to get a woman in the running for a higher office, and shoved one into the public spotlight who is clearly not ready for such a job. Y'know, to show the public, "See? We told you a woman doesn't need to be in the White House!"

That's just me being paranoid. AND, feeling shafted. Do I love Hillary? No, but damn! the woman is smart, and I'm missing that right now.
Ugh, did she pronounce it "nukular"?

I don't have faith in either of the candidates, so I'm writing in my vote for Ron Paul so maybe he'll run again in 2012.
god iawtp so hard