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January 2013

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Drake white belt

OK, I'm gonna blame it on hormones or something

It's common knowledge 'round here that I'm a big ole geek, a total sucker for any sort of teen movie musical - especially the new breed of Disney Original movies.  Yes, I own the HSM movies on DVD, LOVE all the extras, have the soundtracks on my Zen, and am ridiculously excited about HSM3 making it to the big screen. 

But somehow, I've managed avoid the whole "JoBros" mania.  Until tonight.  

Yep, I'm sitting here bawling like a 13-yr-old fangirl after watching every second of "Camp Rock."  Of course the entire premise was completely predictable, the lip-syncing was painful to watch, but damned if I didn't get sucked in to the "plucky underdog prevails in the end and bags the total babe while learning to feel good about herself."  (Thank GOD the husband went to bed early, or the mockery would never end.)

Besides hormones, I choose to blame it on the fact that Michi (sp?) isn't the typically skinny ingenue.  I LOVE the fact that she's got a little meat on her bones, and - alright! - somewhat resembles a teenaged me.  And she's the one Shane/Joe has been pining for all summer!  *sigh*  Gets me every time.  If they had kissed at the end of Final Jam (shades of Troy and Gabriella?), all would've been right in my world.  (It's a nice bonus for me that I happen to adore Allison Stoner, and probably would've watched Camp Rock simply to see her dance.)

At least I can honestly say I didn't choose the Disney Channel myself - I do have the added excuse of a 12-yr-old son who dictated this evening's family viewing.  So even though he went to bed before the end of the movie and I made not a single move to change it, that counts, right?  RIGHT?  

BTW, I do watch the occasional adult show, and according to Andy on "Weeds", I'm rejuvenile.  I'm not entirely sure what it means, but that's a  great word.

Now I just have to find a way to convince the son and my 14-yr-old niece to go with me to see HSM3.  The day it opens.  

First showing, if possible, because I'm a geek that way.