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January 2013

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Could I BE more clueless?

Now, I love me some fanfic, especially slash.  That's no secret.  And yeah, I've noticed an abundance of entries centering on this Ianto/Jack pairing, from something called "Torchwood".  I'm vaguely aware it's something British; but I move along looking for the occasional Drake/Josh, Entourage (waves at dancinbutterfly!), House, and always Firefly and Serenity.  And I've been relatively content.

Then Whitney at USA Today's Pop Candy goes and links to an article listing the "Top 10 Gay SciFi Characters."  I check it out - learn something I didn't know about Constantine (still haven't seen the movie), weep for the exclusion of Wolverine/Cyclops, and then I find myself at #1.

Holy shit, y'all!  Captain Jack?  Hot gay futuristic antihero?  Where the fuck have I been?  I know, most of you are out there laughing and pointing, giggling and whispering, "She claims to like scifi AND slash, but doesn't know Torchwood?  What - is she from Oklahoma or somewhere bassackwards like that, where they only get three channels?  Pitiful, pathetic girl."  Yes, I AM from Oklahoma, but I get the BBC on Dish, so I truly have no excuse for such ignorance.

So, I am at your mercy, oh wise uberfans.  How would you lead someone into the Torchwood universe?  Should I just dive right in?  Are there DVDs available, should I watch them in order?  (voice rising rapidly, approaching hysteria) WHAT DO I DO????  Where do I start?  What do I read first?  HELP MEEEE!

(taking a moment to compose myself)

Ok, so hey, here I am - eager for any and all guidance.  Point me toward your best stuff, I need the prettykissingboys from the future!
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Dive in. There are dvds but I think you should download. Season 1 has some really good moments but a lot of the plots just...meh I guess. The hotness keeps you watching though *grins* smutty :) You should watch the three doctor who episodes with Cap Jack in first though, he just captures you there making you want Torchwood like anything.

To be honest I'd recommend watching Doctor who alongside it. torchwood has the hotness, the yum and a bit of plot. Doctor who has hotness (though less adult), great plots and wicked twists.
I knew I could count on you, darlin'!
*grins and points below* The two are from TW, the other fron the latest DW season. How can you resist...


I's just as clueless as you when it comes to Torchwood - I don't know if that makes you feel better or worse?!?!? (And I'm over here in the rust belt . . .)

But when it comes to British sci-fi and slash fanfic, have you ever seen RED DWARF? Now THAT's my show. And it has the slash fanfic to back it up. However, it's funny without any extras - set WAY in the future with the last human left alive, his nerdly hologram roommate, a cube-headed robot butler, and a humanoid that evolved from the ship's cat, as well as a deranged ship's computer. Good stuff!