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January 2013

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These Are a Few of My Favorite Things .... (Tony Bennett singing)

(Not that it makes any difference who's singing the song)   This phrase has been running through my head for a day or two now, and I had an epiphany this morning - why not post about my favorite things?  Favorite things as of this very moment - very little thought, kinda free-association stuff. 


Besides the obviously self-centered assumption that anyone cares what's on this list, I WANT to care.  I want to see this post every time I log onto my LJ, to remind myself of how many truly wonderful things I take for granted everyday; things that - when I take the time to notice - bring me that little tummythrill of happiness that makes glad to be me, healthy and alive for today.

From the title, you may assume many of these pieces of minutia will be "of the season."  There will also be more than one tie, just in case anyone is a stickler for, "but you said favorite!"  Life is complicated, I like to flatter myself by assuming my taste is marginally complicated.  ;)

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things: (MFT)

CD:  James McLaughlin, "Indiana"
Song:  Dixie Chicks, "Easy Silence"
Temperature:  57 degrees F  (told you they'd be random!)
Tshirt:  BPTP brown Hunter Moon v-neck babydoll
Christmas song:  It's a tie!!  Aimee Mann, "White Christmas" and Rufus Wainright, "What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?"  (Chrissie Hynde's version of "I'll Be Home for Christmas" a close second)
TV show:  another tie -  reruns of any season of "Weeds" and "Grey's Anatomy"  (yes, I'm pop culture's bitch.)
Comfort movie:  "Home for the Holidays"
Christmas movie:  "The Polar Express"
Lipstick:  Plant Love line by  Cargo in the color Cece
BPAL:   another tie: - '05 Cracked Bell and '05 Gingerbread Poppet
BPAL on Scott:  Theo from the CD
Pharmaceutical:  Lortab
Candy:  tie - Junior Mints and watermelon Jolly Ranchers
Drink:  Diet Coke (foreverandever)
Acceptable Boy Crush:  tie - Drake Bell and Gabriel Macht (and Josh Lucas and Nathan Fillion and Hugh Laurie and)
Guilty Boy Crush:  Billy Ray Cyrus
Girl Crush:  tie:  Mary Louise Parker and Kate Walsh   (young'un:  Joss Stone)
Book:  Tess Gerritson's The Mephisto Club
Son:  Campbell, because he can honestly claim to want his two front teeth for Christmas (top AND bottom, hee!)
Source of Longing, intangible:  a moment on the beach in Balboa, summer '03
Source of Longing, tangible:  the only woman who loves and understands me like Scott does, in Texas
Most embarrassing timewaster:  reading hateful rumors about Keith Urban and    that     wife.
Fantasy:  drake/josh
MFT purchased in last 3 mths: new brown Coach purse
Boots:  Frye biker boots that Scott thinks make me look too butch
MFT still to do for Christmas:  bake a trillion gingerbread cookies for kids' Cookie Decorating Party
MFT about Christmas being overwith:  the parents going back to Las Vegas for a while
Time of Day:  11:45p
Housewifely duty:  folding clean laundry
Day of the week:  tie - Monday and Wednesday
Sound:  coyotes in the pecan orchard when the moon is full

I told y'all it would be incredibly random and mostly trivial!  Still, it makes me happy reading this list.  What makes you happy right this minute?