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January 2013

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My intro post to the snacksters commmunity

I'm Marla, a 40-yr-old SAHM in southern Oklahoma, and I've loved candy all my life. #1 candy love? It will ALWAYS be the watermelon Jolly Rancher: to paraphrase Dane Cook, it's the only JR flavor worth loving, hee! Beyond that, the first thing I do in any new city/country is try to go to a local grocery store, so I can scope out the regional snacks of all kinds: salty, sweet, you name it!

I've been burned a few times, getting absolutely addicted to something I can't get here (hence the 3-4 times yearly Trader Joe's treks!), and even worse, something that gets discontinued or becomes impossible to find. Voila, my desire to join this comm! (Losing the Trader Joe's dried tangerines almost broke me: my dad would buy 30-40 bags at a time at his Las Vegas TJs, and I'll never forget eating that last bag. Sniff!)

So, here's what I have to offer this comm, now that you've had to sit through my whinging about the fickle nature of my obsession. Here in southern OK, and thanks to the fact that we travel to Alabama several times a year, I have easy access to all those old Southern goodies they offer on some of the "nostalgic" sites: MoonPies, boiled peanuts, those sugary red peanut patties, absolutely anything w/pecans (we farm pecans, fyi), Goobers, basically anything that's become associated with the "Old South" and hasn't become completely corporately distributed at every convenience store on earth.

We also spent a lot of time in Las Vegas, where they have one of the most accessible and interesting Asian communities I've ever had the privilege to visit. (I've never been to NYC, San Fran, or to an Asian country, so take that into consideration.) So I've been widening my horizons to all kinds of heretofore unimagined Asian delights - some I've loved, some not so much. (I can't really hack anything w/a seafood base, it's a hang-up of mine.)

That's me and my qualifications as a snacksters, in a nutshell - no pun intended! Look forward to many interesting posts and LOVE the thought of being part of an active trading comm, much like my beloved bpal-ers are!


A trading community for candy? Oh my gosh! I want IN!!! (and I have a trader joes down the street *pleading eyes*)
Sweetie, is that not the coolest idea? The "snacksters" comm was featured recently on the spotlight page, and I just had to join since candy and bpal are the two things I won't leave my house without! I'm an equal-opportunity snacker, tho, and the comm's not all candy, but from the posts I've read so far it's pretty darn close! I just joined today, so I'm not sure how to direct you there, but check the main LJ page and there it is!! *evil grin* Come play, you know you wanna!
Where is this comm? *candy-holic* And I love Trader Joes, but the closest one to us is about 45 minutes away :(