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January 2013

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going mad feels like

A whiny rant with a point at the end

Full disclosure: I became active on LJ about the time the insane problems with fanfiction happened - journals being deleted due to so-called "marginal" or "offensive" content, you all know what what went down. I tried to see the reasoning behind the original concerns on LJ's part, but that became difficult when things turned into an offensive, far-reaching "raid" that wound up harming truly useful and well-meaning comms.

That being said, I have to take my moment to bitch about my frustrations in searching for interesting comms to add to my profile. (Please know that I do not support the banning or censoring of ANY comm that doesn't advocate hate or the harming of others; I just want to express my dismay at a situ that (to me) comes across as hypocritical on the part of the LJ PTB.)

I am obviously a food lover, as my membership in any comm relating to baking/cupcakes/desserts shows. However, in the process of looking for new delectable comms this morning, I was confronted by active comms promoting anorexic behavior and supporting any/all eating disorders. I realize that when one searches under a random interest the comms that come up are listed in order of recent updates, but geez! As a woman who has dealt with food and body image issues most of my life, it's extremely disheartening to look for comms that enjoy ice cream, or sweets cravings or the like, and find pro-ana and purging comms in the top five comms listed.

The point of my whining? I am disturbed by the thought that TPTB at LJ went batshit crazy on any journal or comm referencing (OK, some potentially questionable or offensive) sexual themes, yet to my knowledge have made no stink about comms promoting and encouraging self-destructive behavior! NOT that I feel ANY journal or comm should be banned, once again trying to be clear. But, some sort of tag or full-disclosure notice regarding such comms wouldn't offend me personally.

Yes, I'm probably taking this a bit too personally. But, can I assume if I search for crafty comms that reference sewing needles or scissors I will get a list full of self-harming comms? Full of tips on creative ways to hide the results of cutting, or recs of movies and books that cater to the behavior? I may be carrying my own sensitivities to the extreme, but just in case, I guess I'll restrict my search for new comms to those listed in the profiles of LJ users I trust and respect.