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January 2013

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writing as grammar nerd

I should have seen this coming ...

The timing of my becoming newly obsessed with American Idol is certainly right, with the Top 3 happening this week.  However, my biggest crush is actually season 7 winner, David Cook.  I didn't even watch a single episode that season, yet I jumped in with both feet for season 8 ... still not actually sure why (though s8 was a kickass season.)

So I got turned onto Cook's latest album, "This Loud Morning," a month or so ago, spent some time on YouTube, and saw a recent video where he talked about debuting a new single on AI May 10th.  So I dutifully set my DVR, then watched it live anyway because I'm a purist like that, and DAYUM!  New song was shiny and new (I'm a little meh), but Mr. Cook himself was in fantastic form:  looks, voice, overall performance ... he is easily the most polished and professional American Idol I've ever seen.  What little I've seen of his season proves that he came in with a thrilling stage presence, some witty banter, churning out great performances week after week (when was the last time we all saw THAT, hmm?)  But the level of confidence with which he performs now is super compelling. 

George Harrison, you are a wise and understanding man - you know I'll be back (actually, that I'll never leave), but I gotta say I'm enjoying the delicious immersion in the world of David Cook.

Anyone have any favorite fic or vid recs?


OMG I know! SO sexy - esp since I find intelligent, witty and quietly confident guys super-attractive! When they are crazy talented, of course. You should check out some live performances on YouTube ... he absolutely delivers outside the studio. Let's see ... some of his greatest vids are actually from the show itself : "If Ever I Saw Your Face" and "All Right Now", and of course, Chris Cornell's arrangement of MJ's "Billy Jean." Unfuckingbelievable.