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January 2013

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80s George

Your leaving dimmed the light of the world for us all

Jesus - that's ok, Scorcese ... just fuckin' KILL me while you're at it.

Tom Petty blindsided me with his tears, but I held it together while Dhani spoke of the attack and its aftermath.  Then Jackie Stewart slayed me.  Absolutely gutted me with talk of his continued bereavement for the loss of George.  And of course, Paul and Ringo finished me off.

So here I sit, sobbing like a little child at the end of a two- night celebration of the life of George Harrison.  Literally grieving for the loss of a man I never knew personally, but who's had as big an impact on my life as many people in my real world.

I believe these things are said more often than truly applicable, but in reference to George, it's true:  there will never be another like him.  And the future will be slightly less beautiful without him.

* To add insult to injury, what just came on during "Jump Start" on VH1 but the new Chili Peppers.  My complaint?
a)  they're performing on the roof of a building, and

b)  Josh Klinghofer best be putting that thank you note to George Harrison in the mail, like yesterday.  There would be no guitar solo on   "Did I Let You Know" had the so-called "quiet Beatle" not become a true virtuouso at slide guitar.  Yeah - YOU'RE WELCOME, JOSH.  Damn.  Imitation is a form of flattery, but not when you wholesale lift entire runs from a player who was one-of-a-kind.