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January 2013

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I'm fairly certain no one in my immediate family has ever doubted my obviously obsessive tendencies, but I've reached the point where casual acquaintances are noticing that I seem unable to talk about anything but George Harrison, or the Beatles in general.

Mainly George, though - that's all that's playing in my car, I have a new ring tone, etc.  All of this is behavior quite unbecoming of a woman of my age, I think.  I try to blame it on the 9 y/o's ongoing fascination with any and all things Beatles, but I don't think anyone is buying that story anymore.

Like I said, those who are close enough to notice already know this side of my personality.  Doesn't make it any less uncomfortable when I realize I've started every conversation for the last three days with obscure facts about George, his music, etc.  Or worse:  when I find myself in WalGreens, I hear one of George's songs on the store radio program, and I have to consciously restrain myself from grabbing the nearest person and telling them they should appreciate the musical genius they are hearing at that moment.


have you heard his son's music? he's super talented
I have, and I really like it. There's just so much emotional baggage wrapped up in the Beatles stuff that it's so far beyond being just about the music at this point in my life.

Is it not just a little CREEPY how much Dhani looks like his father? Wild.