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January 2013

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It's 2011, must be Beatles obsession time

I've gone through several different periods in my life where I've been completely obsessed with The Beatles, and then for whatever reason, have turned away from both the men and their music for periods of years.  I can blame one self-imposed drought on a bad breakup with the guitarist in a Beatles tribute band, but that was a long time ago.

I didn't realize how desperately I'd been missing both The Beatles AND the musicians themselves until my 9-year-old son became OBSESSED with them.  It's been almost a year, and I can't pinpoint what started his obsession, but it's steady and strong (which is unusual for a boy his age, no matter the interest.)  Since he's only wanted to listen to/talk about/watch The Beatles, I eventually tapped out my knowledge base on the lads, and have plunged headfirst into Beatlemania.

There have been so many terrific books written in that past few years, and I've been devouring them all.  And since I was apparently "Beatles-free" in 1995, I have the extraordinary experience that is The Anthology (DVDs) waiting patiently for me; I'm just holding out for some uninterrupted time when my son and I can watch it together.

Something I CAN'T share w/my young son, however, is the lovely bounty of Beatles fanfic just sitting out there waiting for me.  Not only Beatles fanfic, but SLASH!   WooHoo!

How someone who has been an avid consumer of fanfic of every flavor/fandom/persuasion for a DECADE didn't find beatlesslash until now is a true mystery.  (headscratch)


whom do you slash beatles-wise?

Watching Nowhere Boy (Aaron Johnson as John) my spidey-slash-senses were definitely tingling in the scenes between Paul and John.

Hope you find some interesting stuff to read! I've abandoned all fanfic reading since getting a virus (Doakes: "suprise, m*therf*cker") while perusing for some Dexter stories.

Anyway, George was always my favorite, even after the startling revelation that he had an affair with Ringo's wife Maureen.

Re: whom do you slash beatles-wise?

How are you!!! I'm so sorry about the virus - there is some amazing fic here on LJ, I've been fine so far. And I really think you'd love some of the stuff I've found: you might have noticed my icon, George has always been my favorite, too!

Your spidey-sense was right on the money: apparently J/P is absolutely canon in the slash comm. I just keep looking until I find something with George in it - then I found a subculture of John/George...which REALLY works for me, because you've got the authority figure/older guy with the young(est), smaller, just generally more sensitive, fragile-seeming guy. There is so much about the way young George is written that reminds me of the best D/J comfort fics.

At the very least, give this one a look when you can: not only is the characterization great (and teh hawt sex!), but the writing is really outstanding.

If you get hooked, let me know - I'll hook you up. ;) I really do want to know how you're doing, too!