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January 2013

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I honestly didn't realize how long it had been since my last post, because time has taken on a variety of uninteresting shapes of late.  Therefore, this post will cover the blob of time between January 11 and today, almost a full month later.  WOW - I honestly didn't know today's date until typing that last sentence. 


*  School has been cancelled since Monday.  LAST Monday.  That was the last time my boys were in school.  A N D, Monday is the last time I felt like a productive human being.  I've read five books, eight magazines and watched eleventy billion sitcoms in the last four days.  I haven't washed my hair once, and I've put one real clothes twice.  SINCE MONDAY.  

The last time I left this house was Monday afternoon ... I made the required panicky dash to Wallyworld so we would have groceries to 'til spring.  And now they are saying we'll get more snow Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday - if too many more school days become snow days, I'm afraid I will lose all incentive to ever again get off this couch. 

This crushing inertia doesn't immobilize me during summer vacation, so it must be the unexpected disruption of my daily (and extremely comforting) routine that has robbed me of all desire to accomplish a single thing.  I HATE this feeling.

*  Before I got snowed in, I was making great progress on the house.  Decided to build an all-wood staircase, as opposed to simply carpeting the stairs like we did last time; hired an interior designer to keep me from getting overwhelmed by too choices - colors, tiles, styles, lighting, etc. 

 I resisted the idea of hiring someone because it seemed like a frivilous and unneccessary expense, but I'm hoping the research time and overall stress I save myself will make it worthwhile.  Honestly, I don't feel like "that girl", the type that lets a someone else decorate her house, but I've learned a lot about the role of a trained designer.  Since I absolutely hate shopping for furniture and was already planning to hire someone to help me with that, I realized it made a lot of sense to bring someone in at this stage.