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January 2013

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A brand-new approach to "journaling" - at least, for me

OK, so here's a snapshot of my life over the past week, give or take a few days:

I have

  1. baked 10 doz gingerbread cookies and hosted 15 kids for a pre-Christmas cookie decorating party (good)
  2. cancelled my appt to have a much-needed crown replaced for the second time (meh)
  3. made my mother cry, and really?  Didn't feel a great deal of remorse, because quite honestly I didn't do anything wrong besides offer her the perfect fodder for her ever-growing martyr complex (still, not good)
  4. pulled off a bad-ass Christmas that made the three under-18 loves of my life very happy, then made Christmas dinner my bitch.  (very good)
  5. completely blown off and/or neglected the fine, talented and hard-working men laboring to finish my dream house in a timely fashion, simply because I've not yet made the decisions that will answer their inevitable questions.  (very bad)
  6. not had sex with my husband for about a month now, due to circumstances both within AND beyond my control. (my bad) 
  7. treated the same three beloved children to an honest-to-God shopping SPREE at an amazingly beautiful mall two hours away, then happily drove home in the blinding rain, incredibly thankful that I have the financial means, free time, and  - unlike my mother at my age - health, energy and emotional strength to do so.  I can honestly say I treasure today  for the gift it is - these kids are growing so quickly, and I know these chances to spend entire days in their company will soon become increasingly rare.  (so, so good) 
If I sit down and create these snapshots of my life on a fairly regular basis in the foreseeable future, I will have an evocative and relevant account of my daily life to review this time next year.  Any feedback, suggestions, improvements anyone would like to offer?  I certainly don't hold myself in such high esteem that I expect my FL to breathlessly await the next missive, or even comment on it.  Just knowing I have an audience of lovely people who - though I've neglected them as individuals and as comms - I've grown to enjoy and respect over the past few years is valuable incentive to stick with this new format.

Wish me luck!  It's going to be an incredibly interesting year, I can promise that.  Just hide and watch ...


Oh, darlin', I have a feeling you will be hearing more about the "mom" issues in upcoming posts. Please share the bits you can relate to, it may help me w/the guilt! I'm so flattered that you even remember me and enjoy my posts - I've got a bit of catching up to do w/your page, I'll bet! I'll try to live up to your expectation of "meaningful" posts - I've never been one to enjoy the Twitter version of communication ... I enjoy writing so much more when I feel I have something semi-interesting to say. I just hope I have as interesting a year as I think I will!
Lists/snapshots can be really helpful. Sometimes it's easier to see what's important...and sometimes it's just easier to list than to describe in detail. And it should be interesting to look back on them!
That's exactly what I'm hoping for. I want to make posting feel like an easy check-in kind of thing, rather than something I approach like a writing assignment, where I feel if I don't have something profound to say I shouldn't even be cluttering up ppl's FL, y'know? That's why I'm going to try to keep it relevant but brief: I'm more likely to post more often, and I hope that will result in a decent amount of posts to look back upon in a year. I'm not even calling it a "resolution," because I totally suck at keeping those!
I'm glad you're still posting...though I suck at commenting anyway. Still typing one handed a lot due to babby ;) pics of dream house sometime?
OMG, I forgot - baby! I've got to visit your page and check out how things have been going. Old hand here, so it might be impossible for me to keep from giving unsolicited advice at times - just take it w/a grain of salt. And you do not suck at commenting ... just taking the time to say anything makes my day!