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January 2013

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Home gravel road

I just remembered why I don't come to LJ as often ...

I hate losing long, thoughtful posts with the fire of eleventy billion suns!

To recap:  We traveled the entire summer, I miss being here on LJ, I miss my FL - though it's not as if my FL has suffered from my absence, ;)

Three moves in less than two years, only one more move for the foreseeable future; the "building a house AGAIN" stress + deeper depressive episodes than ever before have caused me to lose 30 lbs over last 20 months.  Weight loss honestly needed and welcomed, but will not be endorsing the "Stress, crying and caffeine" diet in an infomercial anytime soon.  Why?  Weight loss good, recurrence of bleeding ulcers NOT good.  But with progress being made on my second attempt at our "forever" house, along with the start of school (always a relief in my house!), I'm feeling much better.  If not downright happy, at least closer to content than I've been in quite some time.

Wrapped up by saying that I miss my routine of daily LJ check-ins, plan to spend more time here (partially because I'm OCD about daily routines, and am craving a return to normalcy.)  BTW, I am on FaceBook occasionally - usually because DH has left his computer open to the FB page so I sit down for 5 minutes and post something inane.  (Unlike the profound, witty and highly literate missives I used to compose here on LJ.)  riiiiight.

In conclusion: miss you guys, miss LJ as a whole, I can't imagine ever truly abandoning LJ for other so-called social networks - no matter how prolonged an absence, I'll always come running back here.  No comments expected, just please know how much I value the people and communities here.  Reallyreally, I do.

*ETA:  If anyone is - for some unknown reason - interested in checking me out (yeah, baby!) on FB, email me at smb0626@wildblue.net and I'll be happy to point you in the direction of my page.


I pretty much suck at posting these days myself, but I still love me some Livejournal too :) glad you are doing better!
Hey I missed you! I'm glad you are feeling better! So...somewhere between two different topics did I happen to read that you moved not just into a new house but a new town/state? Wow. I hope your kids are handling this well and I hope you will stay doing better! :)