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January 2013

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Weeds MILF

OK.  Color me godsmacked.

"Cougar Town" is WAY funny than I ever thought possible!

ABC caught me being lazy after "Modern Family," which I really liked.  And right off the bat ... BAM! 

Lesbian mom jokes in front of the *cough*too-old-to-be-a-high-schooler*cough* son, awkwardness at every turn, and of course, Busy Phillips, who is always so very appreciated, and IS NOT ON MY TV NEARLY ENOUGH.

So, I knew Crista Miller was a badass after "Scrubs" (fat/thin/fucked-up lips, she can do no wrong) and - as I've already stated - Busy Phillips makes me happy in my pants.  ;D 

But I gotta give awesome points to Courtney Cox for bringin' the funny while being pretty darned believable as the bitterly snarky, slightly desperate, still sexy as hell "single woman of a certain age*." 

* I categorically refuse to legitimize the term cougar because I find it - no, not demeaning ... more painfully trying way too hard while dressed inappropriately and over-accessorizing.

Not loving the ex, lovelovelove Ian Gomez, intrigued by the newly-divorced neighborhood scoundrel samurai (but DNW the inevitable hookup, sigh), and I honestly wish the 2-dimensional boy toy didn't look a year younger than the son.  Being the mother of an adolescent son, maybe I'm projecting.  God knows I was cringing - yet giggling - when the son interrupted the pool-side blowjob.  Had that been me, I probably would have lost my shit on the ex while calling to stop payment on that alimony check.

Is it appointment tv?  Not sure yet ... it is nice to have something remotely enjoyable to watch while DVRing "GLEE" to watch w/the husband later.  I'll tune in next week (if I can remember at my advanced age), and then decide whether "Cougar Town" deserves a permanent spot on my oh-so-discerning connoisseur's* menu of scheduled television. 

* Heavy sarcasm in use here:  I'm currently going through a "three-in-a-row eps of Wife Swap on Lifetime in the afternoon" phase right now, so any highbrow cred I once had has long been abandoned.