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January 2013

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Home gravel road

I continue to be blessed - y'all made me cry!

I know without a doubt I have the best LJ friends around!  I'm grabbing internet access when and where I can, but we will have cable and internet in the house we just leased within a couple of weeks.  Then I can start bugging everyone about new fiction 'n' stuff!

I hope everyone who send their love and prayers knows just how much it REALLY DOES HELP.  I feel like I've been a part of various internet comms for so long that there isn't a huge distinction between "irl" friends, and "friends that I just haven't met irl yet."

Lots of pp wouldn't understand the comfort it gives to hear from y'all, but I know each one of you understand it - that's why you went out of your way to post for me, and why I didn't want to just post a follow-up comment on my original post:  I wanted to be sure each and every one of you saw this, and understood how much the support means to me.  I know LOTS of folks on my flist have been thinking of me and the fam, and keeping us in your hearts; I don't have to see posts from everyone to know that. 

But seriously, it is amazing how something like logging on to a place where I often spend(waste) time amusing myself and finding little msgs of love and sympathy can brighten an entire day.  Especially one that's been stressful to the point that you would LOVE to slam a door in your darling husband's face, only to find that you can't make a hotel door slam.

In fact, he's reading over my shoulder, and he says to thank you guys, too!


I'm so glad you're doing okay.

*hug* Glad you are doing better hon
god, I completely missed your other post. But I'm so glad you are okay! Sending good vibes...
It is hard to slam hotels doors, lol.

I'm glad you guys have a place to stay finally!

(Oh and Flying J's have EVERYTHING!)
I am just seeing this now (3/3) -- glad you checked in! Sounds like you are adjusting to taking care of the family although under stressful circumstances: motel life. Keep us posted. WE THE F-LIST are all thinking of you * rooting for you.

I just read that OK now has an official rock song by The Flaming Lips. When I read the list of nominees, I was amazed at the large number of famous Oklahoman music stars. (I would have voted for Hoyt Axton's "Never Been to Spain")

Hang in there, bb, 'cause you're the true grit, gal!