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January 2013

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cowgirl up

What is a "writer," really?

If getting paid for your work defines "a writer," then no, I'm not a writer. 

But as an educated woman who has identified as "a writer" since early childhood, I hereby claim the right to answer "write" when asked "what do you do?"   Am I a member of the WGA?  No.  Am I a writer:  one who writes something/anything almost every single day, simply because to do otherwise is unthinkable?  Yes.  I am a writer.  

(Along with loving mom, loyal yet smartass friend, kick-ass rocker chick, hot wife over 40, total comic nerd, sci-fi geek, etc.  But none of that is pertinent to this very timely post, so, moving on ....)

So I'm using my one politically-inspired thought for the day/week/month to remind everyone here of the extraordinary importance of both supporting the striking writers, and hoping for a quick and satisfying resolution for the members of the WGA.  (The "quick" part is completely selfish; c'mon, do you really want to lose FNL, House, Chuck, Grey's, etc. indefinitely?) 

Yeah, me neither.  So, if you are moved to do so, feel free to repost/pimp this supportive banner as you see fit!

awesome banner credited to:  myspace's Jen (aka Team PARDY's Mostly Fearless Leader)



Shiny Banner

Hey Ms. Marla,

Looks great!


Re: Shiny Banner

JEN!!!Jen, I'm so pleased you checked out the post, and are OK w/my pimpage of your banner. You should post a link to your myspace page, cuz folks? Jen has 3 or 4 more of the most amazing banners supporting the striking writers. I can only try and write a decent post - it takes someone like Jen to produce the REALLY shiny stuff!
Oh that's very cool, and i agree with what you said above. Can i repost the banner to my profile page? I'll credit of course, i just agree.
wildannuatte: hey, darlin'! Been missin' your fics lately! Sorry it took me a coupla days to respond to your comment, but I'm going to assume that since the lovely Jen (creator of the banner of awesome) approved of my posting of it, she's all about getting the message out there. I'm sure you don't mean to credit me, since I did nothing but admire and gack - but I'll bet crediting Jen the same way I did will be sufficient.

It's funny; I do truly feel strongly about the strike and the issues behind it, but the more I thought about it the more I felt compelled to look at my own worth as a writer. I've actually been published in a few obscure places (nothing sexy or exciting at ALL,) but I've never been paid for writing. Someone commented on the crosspost of this entry on fireflyfans: they observed that an author is one who is paid for writing, but a writer is someone who writes. I couldn't agree more. And I'm glad you feel moved to spread the word, as it were!

Edited at 2007-12-06 03:53 am (UTC)
Hey honey, that's not a problem I pretty much have tagging issues too *hugs* Benn missing you too! *grins* Well i did mean to credit you but I'll certainly credit your friend. As for fics Nano, it eats the brain *grins and hides*

I'd have to agree with that person too, I hate it when i tell someone i'm writing and they ask me what the point is. Then can't understand that I writer because i have to, because i need too and I love doing it. Some peeps are of the perception that you only rate as a writer when you're published though, which i think is sad.