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January 2013

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meds, pills

So, maybe I won't be sticking to a weekly posting journal because sometimes my weeks get a little boring.  It can take closer to two weeks to have enough interesting stuff that I actually want to remember to list in a post!

Since last time, I:

*  finally had fantastic sex with the husband, in between bouts of sickness.  Funny how I stayed healthy almost the entire time Mom and Dad were here (from Oct 16 to Jan 1), but physically fell apart within hours of their departure?  I guess "brain over body" kicks in when I KNOW I have to stay healthy to function everyday ... especially when my Mom so rarely function.  But the great sex, GOOD!

*  took advantage of  long drive to Stillwater to have one of the greatest, most open, intimate, heart-to-heart talks with my 16 y/o niece EVER.  I'm incredibly lucky to be the "cool aunt" instead of the "strict mom" I was next-in-line to be (long story, we're her godparents and she lost both parents young.)  She's very close to being my best friend in the world, and I pray that holds true for years to come.

*  breathed a sigh of relief upon getting the boys back into a school-day routine.

*  had a hard time getting myself back into MY school-day routine.  Things naturally slowed down on the house during the entire holiday season, but I knew there were some big decisions coming up that have to be made so one sub doesn't slow down the progress of another.  I wasn't ready to switch gears from "holiday baking/decorating/gift wrapping" to "shower tile/cabinet colors/lighting fixtures."

*  drove a group of high schoolers to an academic team meet in Stigler, OK.  Yeah, I didn't know where it was, either.  It was so much fun forming my own opinion of the "state of our youth" instead of Oprah's shock stories of deviant behavior sway me.  Ranging from 14 to 18, these kids are smart, funny, self-aware and the perfect blend of worldly and naive, at the same time.  And I have to admit:  I took a little too much pleasure in being told I'm a semi-hip mom (I paraphrase) when the kids found Zombieland in the group of dvds I brought along for the long ride. 

*  caught a nasty, little generic virus while in the metropolis of Stigler, OK.  Something tells me my immune system isn't equipped for spending the day in the average high school.  Not the flu, thankfully, just something that makes you achy and feverish.  Two of my least favorite adjectives.

So that's a snapshot of my glamorous and exciting life.  How YOU doin'?


Fun! I love judging theater competitions at high school, and I loved when I was a color guard assistant a few years ago. Teenagers are so much better off than the media and our pastors would have us believe. :D